At Axakon we are social nerds of all kinds; code nerds, tech nerds, gaming nerds, skate nerds, you name it. We are driven by creating a work environment suitable for us and we create this company together.
Picture of Jacob Bergdahl

Meet Jake

A jack of all trades, Jake is a public speaker, book author and our in-house AI expert. With a passion for innovative technologies, it is his awesome colleagues that makes him thrive at Axakon.
Picture of Julia Rhén

Meet Julia

A fantasy nerd and knitting aficionado, Julia is most likely the first person you will meet at Axakon. Excited to learn more about the developer world, she’s here to reinforce our HR team and further her skills.
Picture of Lovisa Carling

Meet Lovisa

From Product Specialist to Frontend Developer, Lovisa joined us right after completing her bootcamp studies. She loves the possibility of having a big impact on the company culture and her great energy surely adds a lot of value to Axakon.
Picture of Robin Granström Käll

Meet Robin

Better known as GK, Robin is an experienced Consultant who still finds his way to widen his tech skills. What does he like the most? Finding and implementing new solutions and the sense of community around the workplace.
Picture of Thomas Björksund

Meet Thomas

Thomas has claimed a very special spot at Axakon as one of our only UX designers. While his design skills are top notch, he also excels at creating the best Client-Consultant relationships within his assignments. The best part of Axakon according to him? Its people.
Picture of Vanessa Sue Smith

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is an ambitious manager-gone-developer, a vocation that has impressed her peers enough to already land her a consulting employment as a new graduate.


We are always looking for more people to join our board game nights... I mean we are always looking to hire more talented developers! See if any of our current open positions suit you, or connect with us directly and see what might happen!