Lovisa Carling

Meet Lovisa

From Product Specialist to Frontend Developer, Lovisa joined us right after completing her bootcamp studies. She loves the possibility of having a big impact on the company culture and her great energy surely adds a lot of value to Axakon.

Can you tell me a little bit about your position as a front end developer?

– As a front end developer I focus on the interactive part of the system we're developing for our client. I create new features or solve bugs and troubleshoot daily. During the week I also attend client meetings, team stand ups and create as well as maintain documentation of our code and the work we have done. I also try to learn and adapt with new technologies through several different channels such as e-learning platforms, documentation, videos etc.

How did you end up at Axakon?

– I was actually recommended by a former classmate, and Tobias, our HR Manager, reached out and asked If I was looking for opportunities as a front end developer. I also came across Axakon through a webinar session during my studies and knew another alumni that works here so there was a mutual interest when Tobias contacted me, so we started the recruiting process and it went well and was a great match.

What would you say is the best part about working at Axakon?

The people and the possibilities to develop yourself individually. We have a warm and cheerful culture with a lot of great energy and a "we can do it"- mentality. I also love that I, as a consultant, have a lot of possibilities to impact things such as events, continuous improvement of our knowledge and work culture in general. The client and project I work with is challenging and rewarding as well!

Tell me about the biggest lesson that you have learned during your time at Axakon?

– I've learned that expertise and being humble are more often a positive correlation rather than the opposite. I learned that my prejudices are in my mind rather than part of reality. As long as I do my best, are willing to learn, someone will always offer their help when I ask.

Do you have any advice for people interested in becoming an Axakonieer?

– I would reach out to someone working at Axakon via LinkedIn. Ask for a call, chat or a coffee. I can also recommend reaching out to Tobias (our HR Manager), he is always in the mood for a coffee and a chat!