Jacob Bergdahl

Meet Jacob

While a seasoned frontend developer, Jacob is also a public speaker, book author, and our in-house AI expert. With a passion for innovative technologies, it is his awesome colleagues that makes him thrive at Axakon.

Can you tell me a little bit about your position as a front end developer?

– I'm working on the user interface (UI) of Minecraft at Mojang. We use the popular JavaScript (JS) library React together with our own open source JS library called “react-facet” to write performant UI's for video games.

– I am a part of the team that creates the underlying UI components that are used by other developers. These are components such as buttons, dropdowns, text fields, and so on. We also provide mechanisms for features such as translations, text narration, navigation from one component to another, and more.

– Minecraft is a game with millions of players across the world with different needs and play styles, so we put a lot of care and effort into everything we do, ensuring proper accessibility. Furthermore, as Minecraft runs on tons of devices and is a living breathing game that continues to evolve, our code has to be maintainable and performant.

In short, I get to work together with incredibly talented, motivated, and funny colleagues on cool projects with exciting tech stacks.

How did you end up at Axakon?

– I was looking for a change and updated my LinkedIn status to "casually searching," at which point Tobias, our HR manager, wrote a very personal and down to earth to message. I got a very good impression of Axakon right away, as it's a culture-driven company with awesome people, lots of events, and no bureaucracy.

What would you say is the best part about working at Axakon?

– My amazing colleagues. The most important part for me in choosing an employer is the people, and I've really made amazing friends here at Axakon.

Tell me about the biggest lesson that you have learned during your time at Axakon?

– That proper communication is incredibly important in IT projects.

Do you have any advice for people interested in becoming an Axakonieer?

– Have fun, never stop learning, and always keep an open mind.