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Axakon consulting was started in 2014 to cultivate young and promising developers into great consultants. Today Axakon has grown rapidly with over 40 consultants and we cover languages such as: React, React Native, .NET etc. But the core has always been the same: to build a great environment for developers to thrive in.


At Axakon no one is alone. We do things together and help each other out. When challenged with a new task there is always someone to discuss the solution with. When you feel you would like to play board games or have an after work in the sun there is always someone that joins. Many of us spend a lot of time outside of work hours to hang out, exercise, learn more about code, play games and lots more.

Exciting assignments

Everyone at Axakon wants to develop their own skills and have fun while doing it. That is why we have a huge focus on trying to find assignments that are especially tailored for you. There is no single definition of what the perfect assignment is, therefore we have a personal dialogue where we try to find exciting and "lagom" challenging roles for you.

Make an impact

Axakon is built from the ground up by consultants. Half of our management team, which implements the company vision, consists of consultants. There are also many other opportunities in other areas and teams where you have the opportunity to contribute and learn more about events, recruiting, sales, tech and mentoring.


Do you need help to build up a service from scratch or do you already have a working system but want to make it better? We have experience in all kinds of startup companies. Below you can see just some of the startups we have helped through the years.
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We not only love to develop cool projects, we also LOVE to hangout with each other. After works, drinks, gaming tournaments, traveling and much more!


    We are always looking for more people to join our board game nights... I mean we are always looking to hire more talented developers! See if any of our current open positions suit you, or connect with us directly and see what might happen!