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Axakon was founded in 2014 with the primary goal of nurturing young, promising developers and transforming them into exceptional consultants. Since then, the company has experienced remarkable growth and now boasts a team of over XX consultants. We specialise in a variety of languages, including React, React Native, and .NET, among others. Nevertheless, our core values remain unwavering, and that is to create a conducive environment that empowers developers to thrive.

At Axakon, we are always committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, tools, and techniques that can help us deliver high-quality solutions. We exclusively take on assignments that involve developing new products or services, which allows us to explore cutting-edge technology and come up with innovative solutions.

Our mission is to provide exceptional services to our clients while fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement among our consultants. We believe that by investing in our team's growth and development, we can create a team of experts who are always ready to tackle any challenge and deliver excellent results.

In April 2023, byBrick formalised an agreement to take over the operational activities of Axakon, which had been under the ownership of the publicly listed EPTI since 2021. For more information regarding the acquisition, you can read the official report published on byBrick's website.


We value teamwork and provide various opportunities for employees to bond and learn, including monthly events and two yearly conferences such as Hackathon and Friday breakfasts.

The company encourages knowledge sharing through an internal communication channel and offers two hours of paid time each month for skill development.

Exciting assignments

Axakon prioritises personalised and enjoyable assignments that cater to each employee's skills. The company achieves this through collaboration with the sales team and aims to find exciting and appropriately challenging roles for its employees, which are dependent on market availability.

Make an impact

At Axakon, consultants play a key role in the management team, and employees have opportunities to learn and contribute in various areas. Idea sharing is encouraged, and employees can communicate these ideas to the management team.


Are you in need of assistance to create a service right from the beginning, or do you currently have a functioning system but wish to improve its performance? Our team has extensive experience working with a diverse range of startup companies. Here are a few examples of the startups that we have provided our services to throughout the years.
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Our team not only has a passion for developing exciting projects, but we also value the importance of socialising with one another. We enjoy spending time together outside of work, engaging in various activities such as unwinding over drinks, competing in gaming tournaments, exploring new travel destinations, and much more. We believe that fostering a positive team environment is vital to our success and productivity, and we always strive to create opportunities for team bonding and camaraderie.