Julia Rhén

Meet Julia

A fantasy nerd and knitting aficionado, Julia is most likely the first person you will meet at Axakon. Excited to learn more about the developer world, she’s here to reinforce our HR team and further her skills.

Can you tell me a little bit about your position as a tech recruiter?

– I search for possible candidates to join us at Axakon and I’m currently learning more and more about interviewing. I’m in some cases the first person a future coworker meets, which is thrilling to think about.

How did you end up at Axakon?

– It's my last semester of my education, me and my partner had decided to move to Stockholm so I started job hunting. I found the job ad in a Facebook group for HR-people, had some interviews and then went down to Stockholm for a coffee and a semla at their office. All parties felt that it was a match and here I am.

What would you say is the best part about working at Axakon?

– I can be myself. My “slightly nerdy in a lot of things”-self.

Tell me about the biggest lesson that you have learned during your time at Axakon?

– So far that must be searching and interviewing! But I have also learned that I need to develop some skills that I do not yet have - and Axakon gives me that opportunity and helps me achieve it, which is really wonderful. Not to mention the whole developer world! Gosh, I have already learned so much.

Do you have any advice for people interested in becoming an Axakonieer?

Connect or send me a “Hello” on Linkedin. Just be yourself and let's have a chat!