Picture of Robin Granström Käll

Meet Robin

Better known as GK, Robin is an experienced Consultant who still finds his way to widen his tech skills. What does he like the most? Finding and implementing new solutions and the sense of community around the workplace.

Can you tell me a little bit about your position as a developer?

– My main focus is front-end development on web applications, I also do some back-end when it’s needed or when there is not much to do on the front-end part. What I most like to do as a programmer is to find and implement new solutions to make a problem smaller or easier to handle. For example I have made some fun solutions with vector graphics in JavaScript that I’m especially proud of. I also like to challenge my clients’ ideas and try to help think of all aspects of the product.

How did you end up at Axakon?

– One of my alumni took me to one of Axakon’s events in the Fall of 2019, where I got to meet many of the Axakonieers and got a really good feeling about the general vibe. A few months later I asked to be contacted by the HR manager and went through the interview process.

– Then it just kind of rolled along and soon I had my first day at Axakon.

What would you say is the best part about working at Axakon?

– When I started I would say it was the community around the workplace, many after-works, events and other fun activities.

– Today I would probably say it’s the assignments and the potential to self-improve what I like the most. I want to widen my tech skills and be more confident in fields I’m not that experienced in. I said that to our CTO, so now I have the chance to do some backend in my project to try and improve myself, while I also do React which I’m most proficient in. The unhindered knowledge sharing also helps a lot when I encounter a problem I can’t solve myself.

– What just missed the top spot, both now and then, is the possibility to make a change in the workplace.

Tell me about the biggest lesson that you have learned during your time at Axakon?

– I think that would be just mainly about being a consultant, I thought it would be less fun, more demanding and that I would have to change clients often. But I have been proven very wrong. I have had 2 clients during my period at Axakon, the assignments have been challenging technically (e.g. fun) and I put in pretty much the same work effort, just a little different than before. As an in-house developer at a startup I wasn’t involved much in the product itself, just solved tickets that the product manager wanted. And now I really enjoy that break from coding while workshopping a new feature or some problem we need to solve. Letting the brain rest a little from the coding part and doing this type of thinking is something that I wouldn’t want to work without.

Do you have any advice for people interested in becoming an Axakonieer?

– See if you can come to an event early on in the process and get to meet the other Axakonieers. I thought that was a very fun part, I first got to attend one event before even starting the process and then I got invited to the Christmas party between signing and starting which was very giving to get a foot in early.